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Subscribed Stallion Program Rules

PCCHA Subscribed Stallion Program

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Subscribed Stallion Program Rules
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PCCHA Subscribed Stallion Program 
– (Revised 2016)

For further information contact 209-727-5779. Newly REVISED!  No Late Fees or Penalties!


Any stallion of any breed may be nominated to the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Subscribed Stallion Program. Upon payment of the appropriate nomination fees, the following offspring shall be eligible to show in the Stakes events.

a. Four-year-old offspring of any stallion nominated

b. Stallions must be nominated on or before deadline listed below in order for offspring to be eligible.

c. Offspring by stallions that have been nominated for at least three consecutive years who become either sterile or die will automatically be eligible for the stakes purses without stallion owner having to pay nomination fee. (This does not apply to stallions who are currently turning in a Breeding Report using frozen or other type stored semen or dna.)

d.All stallions must have on file in the PCCHA office a copy of their registration papers and an 8x10 photograph for promotional purposes.


1. Nomination Fee:

a. All stallions may be subscribed at a fee based on the following Fee Nomination Schedule, fees due on due date of designated year for eligibility. Once the deadline has passed, fees due roll to the next available fee, there will be no late fees or penalties.

Stallion Subscription Nomination Fees

Due Date


Yearling Year

December 31st



August 31st of 4yr Old Yr

b. Important: Payment must be postmarked on or before stated due date or next payment amount will be due and payable. Any checks or funds deemed as NSF or worthless will not be accepted until at which time funds are available. Caution: this may run into the next scheduled payment.


1. The Cutting Stakes shall be held in two separate divisions, open and non-professional. The nomination fee for the Stakes is to be paid by the eligible offspring per PCCHA payment schedule.

2. The purse monies in each Stakes shall be distributed as follows:

a. Ten percent (10%) of all stallion nomination fees shall be deducted for advertising and operations. The balance of the stallion nomination fees each year shall become the purse for the event to be distributed as follows:

1. Ten percent (10%) to stallion owner's purse. The owners of the stallions siring the winners of the Cutting Stakes will receive ten percent (10%) of the total stallion subscription fees to be divided between the open and non-professional division in direct proportion to the number of entries in each division. Two places shall be paid in both the open and nonprofessional divisions. Stallion owner’s purse shall be paid to the person(s) who paid the nomination fee.

2. Ninety percent (90%) of the added money will go to the Cutting Stakes purse. The purse shall be divided between the open and non-professional divisions in direct proportion to the number of entries in each division.

3. All advertising of nominated stallions must specify the year(s) in which said stallion has been nominated.

4. There will be no refunds for any reason whatsoever.

5. The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association reserves the right to cancel this event without notice at any time prior to the contest without liability. However, in such an event, said association shall return all stallion subscription fees to the subscribers.

6. These rules are subject to change by action of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association.

7. Any violations of the provisions contained herein may result in the stallion owner being suspended from any and all Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association activities at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the association. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final in all matters.


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