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Attention Cutters!

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, please realize that the approved shows listed, could already be cancelled or could cancel with little notice.  Show Producers! Please allow enough time to alert contestants of your show’s status. Contestants, please be mindful and alert others!  Thank you!



 Please Note! Standings are the result of all PCCHA approved show results. Current PCCHA memberships must be paid and postmarked by March 1st for monies in standings to count towards Year End awards. Call the PCCHA office if you are not sure of your membership status, or email: dmcgregor@pccha.com. 


The PCCHA established criteria for the Year End Standings for Weekend Open/Non Pro Classes with over a $10,000 purse:  25% of monies earned will go towards Year End Standings. 

To be PCCHA approved, The Open and Non Pro 3, 4 Year and 5/6 Year old Events must be held within an approved PCCHA weekend event, be only one go-round and purse cannot exceed NCHA restrictions of $3,000 added money. (Earnings follow the horse in the Non Pro LAE Classes.)

A Kelly Graham Trophy will be awarded to the Champion horse in each LAE division and the Rookie of the Year at the PCCHA Year End Awards Banquet. 

PLEASE make sure you are current for standings to count! Email Debbie - dmcgregor@pccha.com.

A NM (Non Member) is placed by each name that a current  membership has not reached the PCCHA office. Members can now join online or please call Debbie at (209) 727-5779 or email dmcgregor@pccha.com to join or inquire about your membership. Once membership is established, the NM will be romoved.  Please note there is a grace period to March 1st of each year in order to get your curent membership in. Thank you.

Tentative Final Standings are through 11/10/2019


Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 Two Smart A Cat Tammy Valley $31,698.30 Tim Smith
2 Fortune Bend Theresa Gillock $22,616.77 Monty Buntin
3 One Time At Night Teresa Home $18,937.94 Mike Wood
4 Little Jackson Cat Dawn Chapman $12,001.58 Roper Curtiss/Mike Wood
5 Bet Shes Smooth Oxbow Ranch $10,688.06 Lindy Burch
6 Paradox Cat Shannon Lamb $9,841.32 Gaylon Wells
7 Clays Little Kit Cat Dawn Chapman $8,519.69 Mike Wood/Roper Curtiss
8 Rue Du Ichi Shannon Lamb $7,843.44 Gaylon Wells
9 Moria Metallica Roger Booth $7,257.57 Todd Bimat
10 Blues Hot Rose Johnson $6,181.78 Cody Lamont/Tom Shelly

Open Futurity

Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 Oh M Gee Its Me Israel Valles $3,792.48 Cody Lamont
2 Skys Huey Boy Justin Rockey $3,392.50 Beth Rockey
3 Bhughiful Jacque Accomazzo $3,388.38 Mike Wood
4 Dual Rey Diva Rebecca Pine $1,789.75 Monty Buntin
5 Neat Little Storm Rob Kuiper $1,122.80 Russ Elrod

Open Derby

Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 Mada Drallop Julie Sandford $7,763.70 Monty Buntin
2 Belle A Rey Patricia Menini $7,074.34 Randy Brooks
3 Misty Reyn Glenn & Debbie Drake $5,735.45 Morgan Cromer
4 Dual Cat Pepto Mike & Debra Flashman $5,409.98 Monty Buntin
5 CR Rosie Tuff Stuff Kimberly Irons $5,161.33 Monty Buntin

Open Classic/Challenge

Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 Supermetallicman Roger Booth $7,837.53 Todd Bimat
2 CR Tuff Heart Attack Western Jules Livestock, INC $6,324.57 Tim Smith
3 Rockin KW Whit & kim Davis $6,087.10 Dylan Meyer
4 Lintons Playcat Pam Shaeffer $5,804.29 Todd Adolf
5 Bet On Billie Jo Kimberly Irons $5,049.85 Monty Buntin

Non Pro

Rider Earnings Horse(s)
1 Jill Roth $31,759.45 Bea Pure Cat
2 Ken Schultz $21,295.31 Reys Of Starlight
3 Shannon Lamb $14,359.58 Paradox Cat/Short Drive/Rue Du Ichi
4 Lisa Haldane $11,245.83 Stylish Scotti/Reydirkulous
5 Dawn Chapman $10,026.99 Clays Little Kit Cat/Little Jackson Cat
6 Jennifer Palmer $10,007.37 Niki Blue
7 John Kratzer $9,974.77 Jet/Allee Cat
8 Kathy Bro $9,144.81 Tick Tock Shorty/Catimus Maximus/Superfly
9 Bonnie Martin $7,736.11 Tricks On You/Reysin Kittens/Autumn Rey
10 Suzy Silverberg $7,733.16 Whiskey Cat

Non Pro Derby

Horse Earnings Riders(s)
1 Twisted Jackson $3,909.97 Duane Barton
2 Count Smartly $3,374.04 Emily Meyer
3 Cats Are Royal $3,266.68 Erin Bimat
4 Tessie Cat $2,648.22 Katie Fonsen Young
5 Metallic M $2,175.12 Peter Spadoni

Non Pro Futurity

Horse Earnings Riders(s)
1 Skys Huey Boy $2,191.93 Beth Rockey
2 Oh M Gee Its Me $1,346.10 Israel Valles
3 Catty Intentions $1,177.76 David Booth
4 Rowin $858.80 Dolly Martin
5 Dual Rey Diva $672.54 Jenna Pine

Non Pro Classic/Challenge

Horse Earnings Riders(s)
1 Rey My Belle $6,203.04 Laura Jorde
2 Catty Kyle $5,151.16 Cindy Watkins
3 Mister Metallic $5,131.78 Barbi Madgwick
4 Smooth Catolena $3,553.19 Karen Brody
5 Catarific $3,401.76 Leslie Day

$50,000 Amateur

Rider Earnings Horse(s)
1 David Harp $29,202.14 Kausac Kat/Crafty With Cows/Acres in Autumn/Spooked By A Cat/SVR Caught Ya Lookin
2 Dannica Percevich $23,279.61 Wild Haired Lilly
3 Mia Webster $21,594.23 What About Blue/Lean This Rey/Smooth Catolena/What Daddy Don Know
4 Joe Kalt $18,553.84 CR Missnjethro Woody/Wise Little Pepto
5 Lisa Haldane $17,097.41 Reydirkulous
6 Michelle Kaufmann $15,099.73 Juan Catty Chica/Simple Livin
7 Tom Kauer $14,395.55 HR Classy Cat
8 Colleen Pearse $12,618.88 Double Tuff
9 Tracey Rolofson $8,129.68 Cap N Call
10 Teresa Home $6,882.27 One Time AT Night

$35,000 Non Pro

Rider Earnings Horse(s)
1 Gavin Clarke $16,200.84 Rubys CD Legacy
2 James Figiel $11,292.90 Hes A Rubypepto
3 Jenna Pine $6,931.42 Smart Lookin Cat
4 Reagan Glenn $4,433.94 Tru Merada/TF Cats Remedy
5 Debra Winard $4,294.01 Reys Hot Wheels
6 Ann Ellis $3,297.96 Spotmesomesugar
7 Kelsey Roderique $3,093.67 Lizzys Lil Player
8 Kristie Jorris $1,336.30 Metallic Mate/This Cats So Smart
9 Ron Woodhouse $1,264.31 Driving My Dually
10 Megan Dobson $1,263.39 Raya Style

$15,000 Amateur

Rider Earnings Horse(s)
1 Makenzie Meehan $8,333.77 I Like It This Rey
2 Raven Benjamin $7,752.06 C Rio Cat/Metallic Sweetgirl RG
3 Erin Sullivan $6,895.40 Spooked By A Cat/Kausac Cat/Acres In Autumn
4 Debra Winard $6,235.99 Reys Hot Wheels
5 Angie Creach $4,812.01 Curious Cowgirl
6 Andreina Rodoni $3,887.78 Ilikethewayyoumove
7 Brian Moore $2,057.58 Bingos Ichi/Rio Tazzy
8 Marge White $1,665.93 Justa Jasmine
9 Rick Anderson $1,557.28 Sly N Smart
10 Laura Schroeder $1,452.86 CR MR Pepto Oak/Rey Some Sugar On Me

$2,000 Limit Rider

Rider Earnings Horse(s)
1 Erin Sullivan $5,572.34 Spooked By A Cat/Kausac Kat/Acres In Autumn
2 Raven Benjamin $4,082.69 C Rio Cat/Metallic Sweetgirl RG
3 Evelyn Brooks $4,022.23 Miss N Sarita/Radical
4 Aaroon Vaghela $3,348.80 Sanjo Royal/Allee Cat
5 Sherry Balian $1,653.15 Smart Reyette
6 Linda Searle $1,146.32 My Girl Crush
7 Amber LaMendola $1,096.37 This Cats A Doozie
8 Joseph Boyd $1,000.04 Bless Chu Mate
9 Erica Anderson $704.72 Cats Courageous/Chex And Mint
10 Tara Imbrie $621.00 All Is Bright

$25,000 Novice Horse

Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 Peptos Scootin Man Tim & Diane Smith $39,609.09 Tim Smith
2 Superfly KT Ranch $23,371.97 Cody Lamont
3 Dual Reys Magic Gerald Gillock $18,895.48 Todd Bimat
4 TRS Best Player Debra Winard $13,268.76 Mike Wood
5 Moooy Bueno Lynda Ross $7,933.15 Monty Buntin
6 One Smooth Scooter Idazona Performance Horses, LLC $7,297.14 Tim Smith/Al Dunning
7 Lights Down Lo Jacque Accomazzo $6,892.67 Mike Wood
8 Sandman Rey Penny Bailey $5,309.95 Todd Adolf
9 Creyzy Train Ron Knutson $4,168.91 Dave Costello
10 Shesa Puddy Rey Laurel Morais $4,154.15 Dylan Meyer

$25,000 Novice Non Pro

Horse Earnings Riders(s)
1 Superfly $24,158.86 Kathy Bro
2 DMAC Wise Guy $19,252.95 Mary Bradford
3 Smooth Classical $12,145.38 Karen Brody
4 Right Of Rey $6,754.73 Brian Pearse
5 CR Missnjethro Woody $6,655.66 Joe Kalt
6 Moooy Bueno $5,908.71 Lynda Ross
7 Spookys Catchin Reys $5,797.03 Jeff Barnes
8 Peeptos Cat $5,621.80 Christine King
9 CTR Metallic Betsy $5,241.77 Tom Kaufmann
10 Cats Lil Moon Gees $5,150.10 Ryan Long

$5000 Novice Horse

Horse Owner Earnings Riders(s)
1 This Isa Third Christine King $39,956.95 Mike Wood
2 PRF Smooth Cat Ruby Shelli Moreda $24,485.89 Monty Buntin
3 Smart Uni Brow Gerald Dorros $17,612.40 Mike Wood
4 Dual N Gritty KT Ranch $13,472.39 Cody Lamont
5 Tommy Mo Rachel Tipton $13,338.61 Todd Bimat
6 Red Solo Catt Whit & Kim Davis $13,197.74 Dylan Meyer/Monty Buntin/David Owen
7 Dual Rey Rey Rose Johnson $7,882.07 Cody Lamont
8 CR Third Cuttin Cat Jan Dunham $5,461.17 Scott Martin
9 Smooth Odual Jim & Andrea Wesson $5,274.50 Shad Platt
10 Smooth Billie Annette May $4,501.77 Tim Smith/Dave Costello

$5000 Novice Non Pro

Horse Earnings Riders(s)
1 Dual Rider $38,111.44 Kat Whitby
2 Lyricstosmoketo $19,014.80 Norman Clark
3 Dual N Gritty $15,224.44 Kathy Bro
4 This Isa Third $12,668.41 Christine King
5 Dual Rey Rey $12,284.87 Rose Johnson
6 Smooth Pistol Annie $9,871.54 CH Dehaan
7 Ted Smooth $4,368.68 Nick Arismendi
8 Smart Uni Brow $3,978.44 Gerald Dorros
9 PRF Smooth Cat Ruby $3,731.54 Shelli Moreda
10 Autumn Rey $2,912.14 Bonnie Martin
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